Laura Bohórquez Dream Educational Empowerment (DEEP) Coordinator, United We Dream

Laura Bohórquez

Laura M. Bohórquez García, a native from Mexico City moved to the U.S. at the age of four and was raised in Brewster, Washington a small rural agricultural town in Central Washington State. Growing up Bohórquez joined her parents in immigrant rights rallies, conferences and in the packing sheds and orchards where her community, family, and herself worked. Bohórquez co-created the Raza Latina Studies Minor, participated in M.E.Ch.A., the Washington Dream Act Coalition and graduated as the “Outstanding Graduate” from the American Cultural Studies Department at Western Washington University. Her commitment towards the educational equity for undocumented peoples encouraged her to pursue her Master’s in Education from Loyola University Chicago where she implemented a safe space and ally training as well as participated in committees that worked to implement and change the policy and practices that serve Loyola‘s undocumented students. Bohórquez currently dedicates her education to advocate for immigrant and educational rights for underrepresented and underserved communities.

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