Minas Michikyan Graduate Student, UCLA

Minas Michikyan

Minas Michikyan, M.A., is completing his Ph.D. in Human Development and Psychology at UCLA. He is a researcher at the Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education (UCLA), at the Childrenā€˜s Digital Media Center @ LA, (UCLA/Cal State LA), and at the Center for Multicultural Research (Cal State LA). Minas uses qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methodologies to examine how immigrant-origin adolescents and youth develop and enact dimensions of their multiple and intersecting identities across a variety of offline and online social contexts and interactions. Minas was a Dean’s Scholar and a Marion W. Wells Fellow at UCLA. As Lecturer at Cal State LA, Minas teaches courses on multicultural issues relating to ethnicity/race, gender, and sexuality, and works closely with immigrant-origin undergraduate and graduate students. Minas is a proud first-generation Armenian immigrant.